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Holidays to Gambia

If you fancy a beach holiday this winter with average temperatures above 30ºc but with something a little bit different to do why not try The Gambia. The stunning sandy beaches are a perfect place to enjoy the winter sunshine and better still it is only around six hours flight from the UK!

Out and about in Gambia

With plenty of choice of hotels and loads of places to eat out on a night it is a great choice for some winter sunshine. The day times can be as relaxing as you want, however there are plenty of excursions on offer to give you a chance to experience the real life in an African country. You can travel up the River Gambia and see Hippo's in the wild, visit Abuko Wildlife Park or walk through Bijilo National Park and see the monkey's swinging through the trees. Here are a small number of suggested excursions and activities that many of our staff have done and enjoyed and so we recommend you give them a try too:

Quad Biking

A fantastic way of seeing the real way of life in the Gambia. Take a trip through the bush and see remote villages, friendly people and local birds and wildlife. Drive along deserted beaches and enjoy a cool drink in a welcoming beach bar. Visit our report on a trip at Christmas 2014.

Kachikally Crocodile Pool

The Kachikally Crocodile Pool in Bakau is one of the most popular tourist attractions in The Gambia. If you have ever fancied getting close to a Croc (really?), you can give them a stroke and pat here, Charlie is the most famous and he is around two metres in length! As well as coming up close and personal with the crocodiles, your guide will give you lots of interesting facts about them.

While you are here be sure to visit the museum which offers fascinating local history complete with pictures and displays and gives information on local traditions. Locals still believe that the waters of the crocodile pool can bestow fertility and offer healing powers.

Camel Safari at Tanji

Fancy a stroll along a deserted beach that is home to lots of different bird species and maybe if you are really lucky you may even see a turtle? If so do it with a difference upon the back of a camel. The Camel safari is a lovely way of enjoying a relaxing hour enjoying the scenery of this gorgeous coastline. It may be a bit bumpy but is a fun day out for all ages!

You could combine the camel safari with a visit to Tanji fishing village where you can experience the real Gambia. Local fisherman bringing in the catch of the day with lots of sights, sounds and smoked fish smells... It is a great way of meeting locals who will be happy to talk about the various fish and seafood they have caught that day.

Sanyang Beach

Sanyang Beach is a fantastic stretch of largely deserted beach that offers a lovely day out. Local people call it Paradise Beach as it really does have a exotic feel to it. The sea tends to be a lot calmer here and the gentle waves offer a great place to swim and cool off from the heat of the day. A couple of beach bars and some fruit sellers will keep you refreshed and fed. Highly recommended!

Lamin Lodge

Lamin Lodge is situated on the outskirts of the town of Lamin and is a fascinating and beautiful area. The trip starts with a visit to the Oyster farm, where you will find out about the recycling the locals do with the oyster shells that are farmed from the mangroves. You then have the opportunity to enjoy a boat trip through the mangroves where the oysters grow and are picked daily. Visit the island where the huge hollow tree offers a cool place and a chance to escape the heat of the day and finish off with a cool drink at the bar in the lodge. This is a great way of seeing the huge variety of birds that the Gambia is famous for.

Katong Reptile Park

A forty five minute drive from the hotels to the village of Katong brings you almost to the border with Senegal. The Katong Reptile Park is a fun way of spending a bit time experiencing the local reptiles. You have the chance to hold a snake or turtle and pat a huge tortoise. The staff at the park are passionate about their wildlife and its preservation and offer lots of information and advice.

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