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Honest, Live Prices With Personal Service From JLM Travel

JLM Travel - Real Holidays At Real Prices

Here at JLM Travel we always pride ourselves on providing all of our customers with the best value for money deals available on the market. Coupled with excellent post-sales service, we aim to ensure that our clients have the best experience both before and after booking the holiday.

Unlike some other online travel agents, we use a live booking system which gives all our clients live prices rather than offering a hypothetical price to the client – which may or may not actually exist. Our prices are real rather than the science fiction purported by some other travel agents.

If for any reason, the holiday is unavailable or has gone up in price from when the client first placed the holiday elements in their basket - the online system will not book the holiday. We are then notified to contact the client as soon as possible to look at alternative dates etc.

We don’t subscribe to the theory which some agents use whereby they claim to book a holiday at a fictitious price (usually much below the prices actually are) only to call the client back a few days after booking or a few days before departure asking for more money.

We offer realistic prices and excellent service at all times.

Book with JLM Travel - And experience a personal service

To add to the experience, we offer clients the facility to either to talk to one of our consultants via online chat or on the telephone who can offer advice and assistance. They can also give the clients the benefit of their extensive knowledge and personal experiences to ensure that the client can extract the maximum amount from their holiday.

Have a browse around our site today and get yourself a bargain on a dream holiday!

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